Welcome to HealthyDabba!

Namaste !

Wedding around the corner? New year goal, maybe? Well, new month goal perhaps? First day at work? Just found out you are pregnant? Just found out you are a grandparent? New job? or just bored of being an un-healthy version of you?

On a serious note, does diabetes run in your family? Have you been diagnosed with any hormonal issue? Are you sleeping too much? Are those headaches getting frequent?

Whatever your reason- your health needs to be your priority!

HealthyDabba hasĀ helped countless people (including ourselves) follow their diets by doing one simple thing – providing customised food as per their prescribed needs.

We are the original suppliers of health food in a “dabba” (read: box) to the health conscious folks of Mumbai.

We may be a small organisation, but we have a dedicated set of customers who we swear by and who swear by us.

If you have a nutritional need, we will serve it.


Team HD!