The Origins of HealthyDabba

The story…

Established in the year 2000, HealthyDabba was originally a personal project of chief chef – Sushma.  She wanted to provide healthy lunch to her family at work and school.

Being health conscious herself, she experimented way before she served. But it was always a tough job keeping her family of picky eaters healthy. Today, her family thoroughly enjoys her meals and her experiments. Her family now includes all her clients, some of whom have been with her since the start.

We have been known in the past as Health Food Mumbai or Healthy Tiffin. But Dabbas & Dabbawalas play a very important role in our existence and hence we are now HealthyDabba.

HealthyDabba has till date been successful only and only through word of mouth and references. With the booming health food market, a lot of health fads, diets and myths have arisen. However, our philosophy has always been simple-  eat everything fresh, as far possible unprocessed, in moderation, and most importantly customized to your body needs.Ristorante